About Us – Thaco Parts

In order to increase the localization rate of Thaco’s car export products and gradually join into the global value chain, Thaco has made significant investments in developing supporting industries.The company has established a complex of 12 parts & components companies which produce automotive parts and mechanical parts for other industries with 4 main product groups as mechanical components, automotive interiors and exteriors, electric – electrical refrigeration products and chemicals.

Industry Zone Thaco
Thaco Chu Lai Industrial Zone

THACO has applied the International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems IATF 16949, Quality Management System (ISO 9001), as well as Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) at all companies in Thaco Chu Lai Industrial Zone.THACO’s automotive parts are not only supplied to the automotive manufacturing & assembly companies in Chu Lai, but also provided to the local market and exported to overseas markets such as South Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Cambodia, Australia, and Germany.

THACO has also partnered and joint-ventured with other automobile manufacturers and distributors in the global value chain.