The Automotive glass manufacturing company was put into operation in June 2013 with the purpose of manufacturing and supplying glass products for automobiles (trucks, buses, passenger cars) and other industries (architectural glass and common household glass). The factory covers an area of 6ha, its total investment is VND35 billion, and it has a capacity of 50,000 sets of products per year.

The company has received modern production technology from Italy and Finland with fine raw materials imported from Thailand. It consists of 3 lines:

  • The pre-treatment line includes different stages: cutting, grinding, drilling, washing and printing patterns. It has modern equipment such as CNC cutting machines, straight edge grinders, multi-profile grinders, hole drills, CNC water cutters, glass washers, and semi-automatic screen printing machines.
  • The thermal tempering line manufactures door & side glass of trucks and buses. It is capable of processing glass panels with the dimension up to 2,200×1,500×3.5-6 mm (height x width x thickness). The capacity is 60-80 glass panels per hour.
  • The laminated glass manufacturing line manufactures windshields of buses, trucks and passenger cars. The line is equipped with advanced equipment such as Single Chamber Thermal Bending Furnaces, continuous heat bending furnaces, laminating rooms, vacuum equipment, and high-pressure tubs.

All products are strictly tested with modern glass testing equipment such as optical distortion measuring equipment, light transmittance and secondary image separation; test equipment for abrasion, mechanical strength, radiation, humidity and high temperature.

With modern technological lines, the company makes and supplies quality glass products with high durability, good heat and sound insulation to meet Vietnam’s QCVN 32/BGTVT standards and ECE R43 standards of Europe. The main products include bus glass, truck glass, passenger car windshield, pickup glass, electric vehicle glass, excavator glass, architectural and common household glass.

IATF 16949:2016
IATF 16949:2016

In the new development period, the company focuses on expanding its business, joining OEM supply chains, supplying glass to domestic automotive assembly plants. In terms of export, the plant is expanding cooperation with trading companies to export irs products to South Korea and ASEAN countries, gradually becoming a leading automotive glass manufacturer in Vietnam.

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