In 2015, THACO started to cooperate with Korea’s Daewon Corporation, receiving technology transfer and building the automotive springs company in THACO Chu Lai Industrial Zone. Located on an area of 2 hectares, the company is VND 200 billion worth of capital investment, with a capacity of 12,000 tons of leaf springs per year.
The company has modern machines, equipment and automatic production lines. The company includes 2 production lines:

  • Heat treatment line: Heat treatment is the most important to product quality. The heat treatment line is equipped with automatic equipment and technology same to the modern leaf spring production lines of Daewon Corporation, such as: hydraulic cutting machines, end heating furnaces for eye rolling process, end forming machines, end heating furnaces, end forming machines, heating furnaces, cambering machines for long/short leaves, and tempering furnaces.
  • Assembly line: It has modern equipment such as shot peeing – Primer coating (dipping paint), eye grinding devices, bushing press machines, rivet press machines. Each leaf is shot blasted to increase its durability (fatigue life) and adhesion, cleaned, then primed with zinc powder paint to reduce friction between the leaves, eliminating oxidation and corrosion. The leaves then are assembled into a set. The leaf springs are automatically put into the load test machines for their elasticity, and then transferred to the finishing room to apply a protective coating which increases the antioxidant and aesthetics of the products. The finished leaf springs are labeled, code painted and barcode scanned for product identification, management and tracking.

Before delivery, the products are strictly inspected by modern testing equipment such as carbon decaburization and micro structure on microscope machines, universal testing machines, material’s chemical composition analysis by spectrograph machines, hardness test machines, load test machines, fatigue test machines to ensure product quality to match with the need of domestic and export markets.

The company has built a digitalization-based production management system through the investment of supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA), the data analysis system, and the manufacturing execution system (MES). All stages are strictly controlled to ensure the product quality in each production stage.

Manufactured on modern technology lines, with JIS G 4801: 2011 standard flat-bar steel, carefully designed and tested according to JIS B 2710 standards, the products of the company have the same quality to made-in-Korea leaf springs. Thanks to advantages such as high elasticity, high durability, high load capacity, smooth operation, thus ensuring the vehicles’ ability to transport goods in different conditions, THACO leaf springs are highly recognized by customers and used on for types of vehicles like trucks, dump trucks, buses and semi-trailers. The factory mainly produces light-truck leaf springs (for Kia, Hyundai), medium-truck leaf springs (for Ollin), dump-truck leaf springs (for Forland), semi-trailer leaf springs and products for export. The products are not only provided for automobile assembly plants in THACO Chu Lai Industrial Zone and the domestic market, but also exported to Korea, Australia, Germany, Dominica, with Korea being the key market.

In the upcoming time, the company will make R&D to produce new products such as heavy-truck leaf springs, parabolic springs, coil springs and stabilizer bars. In addition, the factory will invest in machinery and equipment for its R&D activities – which are load testing and fatigue testing machines (30 tons), temperature checking sensors and data logging devices of material pass in heating furnaces, stress testing, tweezers. The factory will also focus on improving the design capability of the R&D engineers by providing intensive training in the software for simulation of leaf springs’ durability investigation. Especially, we have received technology transfer for designing parabolic springs, heavy-truck leaf springs, coil springs and stabilizer bars from Daewon.

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