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There are 12 supporting and components manufacturing companies in THACO Chu Lai Industrial Zone, including: Automotive Electric Component Manufacturing Company, Autocom (Automotive Component Manufacturing Company), AEC (Automotive Electric Component Manufacturing Company), Plastic Components Manufacturing Company,...


Specializes in manufacturing, trading and exporting parts and components for automobile and also for non-automotive sectors such as agriculture, industrial equipment and construction.

The Automobile Glass Manufacturing Company was put into operation in June 2013 with the purpose of manufacturing and supplying glass products for automobiles (trucks, buses, passenger cars) and other industries (architectural glass and common household glass). The company covers an area of 6ha, its total investment is VND35 billion,…

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In 2015, Thaco started to cooperate with Korea’s Daewon Corporation, , receiving technology transfer and building the automotive leaf spring company in Thaco Chu Lai Industrial Zone. Located on an area of 2 hectares, the company is VND 200 billion worth of capital investment, with a capacity of 12,000 tons of leaf springs per year…

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Thaco Plastic Components Manufacturing Company was built on an area of 3.5 hectares with total investment of USD 30 million and capacity of 160,000. The enterprise was invested modern equipment system such as plastic injection machines from 110 tons to 3,200 tons and painting robot systems. The products of the company…

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Automotive Component Manufacturing Company was established in 2010, specializing in vehicle components (seats for trucks, buses, passenger cars, and related components) and other products (motorbike seats, sofas, seats on ships, trains). Owning high-tech production lines and machinery, along with the assistance from South Korean,…

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Automotive Electric Component Manufacturing Company established in 2013, which is specialized in manufacturing automotive electric wires harness (trucks, passenger cars, buses) and non automotive wire harness (motorbike wire, home appliances wire). With advance technology, modern machinery,…

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Thaco Automotive Interior Components Manufacturing Company started operations in 2012, with the main business being producing and supplying interior components made from high-quality plastic and PU Foam for buses, trucks and passenger cars. The company covers an area of 6,000m2, with VND70 billion…

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Thaco Air Conditioner Manufacturing company was established in 2017, formerly known as Truong Hai Air Conditioner Manufacture & Assembly Company (2009), with the total investment of more than USD 2 million. TAC specializes in manufacture and assembly automotive air conditioner which main product is bus air conditioner system,…

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Chu Lai – Truong Hai Specialized Chemical Company has been operating since 2009, producing and supplying specialized chemical products. The company covers an area of 200m2. Its total investment is VND 17 billion. The plant is equipped with advanced production lines including modern machines. The company consists of 3 lines…

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Composite Components Manufacturing Company was launched in 2016 as a manufacturer of composite vehicle parts (both exterior and interior). The enterprise was invested with VND 100 billion with a designed capacity of 24,000 sets/year. Owning modern machinery and equipment systems from America, Germany, and Italy,…

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In July 2016, Thaco entered into a joint venture with Singapore’s PG corporation and put into production Vina Automotive Aircon Manufacturing Company (VAM) with the function of producing and supplying automotive spare parts and components such as Air-conditioner, passenger car’s AVN, …

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Thaco Body Parts Manufacturing Company was founded in 2018, manufacturing and supplying auto body components to factories at Thaco Chu Lai Complex, contributively increasing the localization rates in Thaco’s spearhead vehicles, meeting the customers’ needs and exports, and finally participating in the global value chain…

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Summary of news - production - exports and events
THACO ships car seat frames to Japan

THACO ships car seat frames to Japan

Vietnamese multi-business group THACO, also a leading automaker in the country, has delivered to Japan a shipment of composite car seat frames manufactured at its composite components plant in THACO Chu Lai Industrial Zone, Quang Nam province.

THACO speeds up auto spring exports

THACO speeds up auto spring exports As the largest investor in automobile supporting industries in Viet Nam, THACO constantly increases […]

THACO again breaks into global export market buses and vehicle components

THACO organized a handover ceremony to export its THACO buses to the Philippines and vehicle components to South Korea and Japan markets


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