Specifications: 1,000L, 200L and 5L

FREECOR DSC, Ethylene Glycol-based, is a “long-life” engine coolant and has corrosion inhibitors (excluding amine, silicate, borate, or nitrite) that provides lasting effective performance for for all engine cooling systems.

Especially, FREECOR DSC engine coolant are manufactured according to PSA B71 5110 standards used for Peugeot models globally.

Place of origin: Chu Lai – Truong Hai chemical manufacturing company limited





FREECOR DSC giúp làm ngưng sự gia tăng nhiệt quá độ trong động cơ, tránh bị sôi két nước, chống đóng băng trong hệ thống làm mát khi thời tiết lạnh.

FREECOR DSC helps stop the excessive temperature rise in the engine, prevents boiling boilers and prevents freezing in the cooling system when the weather is cold.

FREECOR DSC protects all metals in the engine’s cooling system from corrosion.

FREECOR DSC is not the cause of pipe clogging or abrasion because there are no dreg, gels.

FREECOR DSC does not affect to rubber parts and filtration materials of the cooling system.

FREECOR DSC’s technology is environmentally friendly.

FREECOR DSC helps to minimize repairs and maintenance of thermostats, radiators and pumps in the cooling system.

FREECOR DSC helps reduce cooling water replacement costs due to FREECOR DSC’s high quality, longer usage time.



Pour directly into a container or tank to use, without further dilution.


How to storage

Preserving in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, avoiding sources of high temperatures.

Do not use galvanized steel material for mixing or storage

Handle used product properly, do not pour directly into ditches, water sources and surroundings


Appearance Liquid, dark blue, no dreg, no layering
Freezing point, oC max -35
pH 7,0 ~ 8,5




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