Place of manufacturing: Chemical Factory



Packing standard: 1000 lít, 200 lít, 5 lít, 1 lít.

WF1601 automotive windshield washer fluid are manufactured, controlled in accordance with standard standards TCCS 04: 2013 / HCCD, and has been tested in accordance with JIS K 2398 standard of Japan, standard MS 568-02 of Hyundai & KIA Motors and in accordance with the climatic conditions in Vietnam.
WF1601 automotive windshield washer fluid suitable for use for vehicles: car, truck, bus


Customer benefits:

WF1601 easily penetrates, dissolves and cleans stains quickly, making the glass surface shiny, ensuring visibility for the driver.

WF1601 has a fast drying time even under environmental conditions.

WF1601 does not affect the quality of car paint.

WF1601 does not corrode metal parts, does not age rubber and does not affect plastic parts of vehicles.

WF1601 does not deposit, does not crystallize, clogging pipes or nozzles of glass washing systems.

WF1601 helps smooth wiper operation without abrasion due to friction, increasing the lifespan of the lever and protecting the steering glass surface from scratches.

WF1601 has a low freezing point below 0oC, ensuring that the glass washing system works in all weather conditions in Vietnam without worrying about the glass washing water in the system freezing.


Instructions for use and storage

Pour directly into the container to use, without further dilution.

Preserving in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, avoiding sources of high temperatures.

Do not drink, keep out of reach of children.



Appearance Liquid, blue, no scale
Detergent Capacity Clean, leaving no marks on the glass
pH 7,0 ~ 8,5




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