In July 2016, THACO entered into a joint venture with Singapore’s PG corporation and put into production Vina Automotive Aircon Manufacturing Company Limited (VAM) with the function of producing and supplying automotive spare parts and components such as Air-conditioner, passenger car’s AVN, floor mat, headlining, truck and car audio, … The company has an area of ​​2,200 square meters with a capacity of 60,000 sets / year and a total investment of 200 billion VND.

The company was transferred technology from South Korea and invested in advanced equipment and modern production lines.

The company consists of an internal transportation division and a production workshop with the scale and functions as follow:

– Internal transportation division: Has the function of receiving and distributing materials to workshops, at the same time as packaging and transporting finished products to customers. Materials are distributed through AGV self-propelled vehicle system

– Workshop includes the following lines:

  1. Air-conditioner, Audio / AVN production line: with capacity of 200 sets per day; equipped with modern machines such as: welded heaters, air-conditioning assembly systems, air-conditioner functional testing machines of passenger car, Audio and AVN testing systems, …
  2. Production lines of floor mat, headlining: with capacity of 200 sets per day; invested in automatic equipment imported from South Korea such as: robot cut profile by waterjet, forming machines of floor mat, headlining, etc.

Based on the system of modern technology lines and raw materials, CKD components are imported from the reputation Korean air conditioner manufacturer – Hanon, which manufactures and supplies high quality products to satisfy variety of customer’s demand. Products of the company are:

  • Air conditioner of passenger cars (Morning, New Cerato, Sedona, Rondo, Kia Soluto);
  • Floor mat, headlining of trucks and busses (New Frontier, Kia Soluto);
  • Audio of trucks and passenger cars (Morning 1 din, New Cerato, Fuso, Kia Soluto, New Frontier);
  • AVN of passenger cars (New Cerato, Kia Sedona F/L, Kia Soluto).

At present, the company is focusing on researching new products such as air-conditioner, headlining, AVN of Mazda passenger cars (Mazda J59C, Mazda CX-5, Mazda CX-8); floor mat, headlining of KIA passenger cars (Kia Cerato, Kia Morning, Kia Sedona).

In order to improve product quality, forthcoming, factory will invest in constructing and upgrading the production lines of Audio / AVN trucks and passenger cars, floor mat, headlining of Mazda passenger cars towards automatization. Simultaneously, the digitization in production through the application of product information management software and material requirements planning software (MRP).

The company also focuses on the business of automotive accessories with consistent quality and competitive price such as Audio / AVN, dashboard camera, reversing camera, led lights, car noise- insulation panels, heat insulation panels of bonnet,…; to joining the OEM supply chain, supplying headlining and floor mat for domestic automobile assembling manufacturers, gradually to reach the goal of becoming the leading manufacturer of passenger car air conditioners, headlining and floor mat for passenger cars in Vietnam.

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