Place of origin: Chu Lai – Truong Hai machemical manufacturing company limited






Specifications: ø6mmx12m; 3,5mmx7mmx20m

Butyl Tape 1538 AR is a butyl rubber-based tape that are applied to attaching parts with waterproof possibility, such as used to seal door covers, rear lights and electrical appliances. It also has economic efficiency when used.

Butyl Tape 1538 AR is pressure sensitive and flexible, making it easy to compress when using. It has good elongation, weather resistance and good anti-aging. It is also flexible and does not harden. It does not discolor.



Butyl Tape 1538 AR is used as a tape, rolled up with non-stick paper. When using, simply peel off non-stick paper and paste. Areas of use must be dry, clean and free of dirt or oil. Temperature used is from 15-40oC.

Usage and how to storage:

Preserving, dry, cool and clean place

Avoid contact with dust

Avoid deforming the roll, do not drop, store in horizontally direction, and do not allow heavy objects that put on the roll.

Expiry after 06 months



Appearance Đen và mềm
Proportion 1,20 ~ 1,30
Depth @ 28oC 65 ~ 75
Adhesion kgf/6mm 0,50 ~ 1,00
Tensile, kgf/cm2 0,30 ~ 0,70
Shear strength . kgf/1,5cm2 0,50 ~ 1,00
Elongation, % >1200


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