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Specifications: 1000 litre, 200 litre

CF1402 PRE-MIXED ANTIFREEZE AND ENGINE COOLANT is Ethylene Glycol-based coolant with organic anti-rust technology (does not contain harmful substances such as nitrites, amines and phosphates) for lasting performance with all engine cooling systems. .

CF1402 is a specialized product for cooling passenger cars, trucks, long-distance vehicles, agricultural machines and others vehicle.



CF1402 helps prevent the excessive temperature rise in the engine, prevents boiling boilers and prevents freezing in the cooling system when the weather is cold.

CF1402 protects against rust and corrosion in cooling systems.

CF1402 is not the cause of pipe clogging, abrasion caused by no deposits, gels, etc.

CF1402 does not affect the rubber parts and filtration materials of the cooling system.

CF1402 helps save the cost of repairing and maintaining the engine due to failures in the cooling system which is caused by the use of substandard coolant


Environmentally friendly

CF1402 uses a non-toxic, biodegradable additive package.



Pour directly into a container or tank to use, without further dilution.


How to storage

Preserving in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, avoiding sources of high temperatures.

Avoid getting in eyes, clothes and skin. Do not drink, keep out of reach of children.

Handle used product properly, do not pour directly into ditches, water sources and surroundings.


Appearance Appearance, liquid, no scum, no layer,  green color
pH 100% vo 7,5 – 9,5







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