Place of origin: Chu Lai – Truong Hai chemical manufacturing company limited


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Dimension: 1000, 220L, 20L.

DEF1801 Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a colorless and transparent solution with a high purity urea in ingredients that is used in all SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems.

DEF1801 meets the requirements of ISO 22241 and is suitable for use with diesel-powered vehicles, ships and heavy equipment using the SCR emissions treatment system to meet EURO 4 emission requirements. , EURO 5, EURO 6 …


Features and benefits:

DEF1801 is injected into the hot exhaust gas stream after the dust filter, in order to convert harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into nitrogen gas and water which are harmless, before being emitted into the environment..

DEF 1801 does not obstruct the nozzle nor affect the catalytic layer of the SCR emissions treatment system.

Safe to use and environmentally friendly

DEF 1801 non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous

DEF1801 reduces NOx emissions into the environment.



Pump or pour DEF1801 directly into container for use (refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions).

Do not pump or empty DEF1801 into the fuel tank.


How to storage

Preserving in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Recommended storage temperature is 15-30 oC.

To store DEF1801 in a plastic or stainless steel container. Do not use containers made by carbon steel, aluminum, copper, tin, zinc, lead and nickel plated metal.

Avoid contact with eyes, do not drink and keep out of reach of children.


Appearance Colorless, dirt-free liquid
Urea content, %wt 31,8 – 33,2
Specific weight, kg/m3 1,087 – 1,093
Refractive index 1,3814 – 1,3843
Crystallization point, oC -11,5
 Alkalinity (NH3), %wt ≤ 0,2
Biuret content, %wt ≤ 0,3



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