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Vietnam’s leading supporting industrial factories complex

With a technological background and skilled labors, we are committed to the best quality of products and services.
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Establishment and Development

2005. Established specialized chemical plant

2008. Established automotive components plant (AUTOCOM)

2010. Established truck & bus air-conditioner plant

Received ISO 9001 certificate

2012. Established interior parts plant

Put into action quality management system TQM, Six sigma

2013. Established wire harness plant

Established automobile glass plant

2015. Established automobile leaf springs plant

Received ISO 14001:2015 certificate

2016. Established passenger car air-conditioner plant

Received ISO/TS 16949:2016 certificate

2018. Established plastic plant

Established automobile body parts plant

2019. Established gloves plant

Nhíp ô tôNhíp ô tô
Kính ô tôKính ô tô
Thân vỏ ô tôThân vỏ ô tô
Máy lạnh tải, busMáy lạnh tải, bus
Dây điệnDây điện
LK NhựaLK Nhựa
LK Nội thất ô tôLK Nội thất ô tô
Hóa chấtHóa chất
Găng tayGăng tay


Auto parts
Products include 4 main categories: Automotive spare parts; interior & exterior ; electrical-refrigeration parts; chemical & labor protection products. The quality management system is applied according to IATF 16949-2016 standard; Environmental management system ISO 14001.
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Auto parts

The suitable solution

Applied technology and production scale suitable to customers.

International standard

Achieved ISO/TS 16949 certification with a team of intensive training.

Cost optimal

Maximum cost control with variable solutions.

Auto Accessories
On the basis of technology and meeting the standard for input materials, Thaco Parts has developed accessories by leather, plastic, and chrome-plated that fit the customer’s design requirements with many different choices.
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Auto accessories

Full services

Comprehensive supply from design, processing and packaging to customers.

Unique design

R&D team with a variety of products to serve specific needs.

Guaranteed quality

Applying automotive OEM manufacturing technology to ensure the highest standards.

Motorbike Parts
According an extensive investment to increase the localization rate for automotive products and export of spare parts, Thaco Parts is confident to provide the best quality products in the market based on the application of rigorous standards from car manufacturing.
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Motorbike components

Top standard

Apply car manufacturing standards to production.

Optimal solution

Our team of experienced engineers supports the design and production materials.

All in logistic

Provide all in logistics solutions for transportation, warehousing on request.

Household Products
A diversity of injection molding machines from small to large machines such us 3200T, combined with the robot paint spraying system that leading in Vietnam, is the advantage of detailed machining for the home appliance industry. In addition, Thaco Parts provides diversified solutions combining wire hardness and components as semi-finished products to customers.
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Household appliances

Diversity of plastic injection machines

Plastic injection molding machine from 100T to 3200T, various sizes.

Comprehensive solutions

Combining many stages in production to produce as customer’s requirements.

Full-package Logistics

Provide a full range of logistics solutions from transportation to warehouse.

Industry & Construct
Based on the application of composite manufacturing technology in combination with steel processing, we produce for the solid construction with the best cost. In addition, mechanical and composite machining also offer diversified solutions for interior decoration and construction, in accordance with the specific requirements of customers.
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Construction products

Design diversity

Our experienced design team maximizes customer support.

Excellent product

Applying composite production technology, helping to reduce product costs.

Flexible production

Production scale is flexible and phased depending on customer requirements.

Supporting Industries
OEM production according to customer’s labels and standards. Providing a variety of design and output on the basis of applying the production standards of ISO9001, TS16949 for suitable business fields of customers.
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Auxiliary products

Specialized chemicals

Car care solution, cleaning genuine combustion chamber.

Industrial gloves

Supplying gloves for industrial production with competitive prices.

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