Origin: CCMC


  • Size: 460mm x 800mm | 600mm x 650mm x 1100mm | As requirement
  • Colors: Blue-white-red-black/ As requirement
  • Materials: fiber reinforced composite
  • Structure: Inside the bin is a 250mm x 250mm plastic garbage container


Composite animal-shaped trash bin are used a lot in parks, kindergartens, amusement parks. The product has a funny design that makes the landscape more beautiful and fancy. The animal-shaped trash bin is not only beautiful, but it is also a great useful waste product today.

Composite Animal – shaped Trash Bin is a special product that CCMC – THACO would like to introduce to customers. With a fancy appearance, these trash cans easily win the hearts of customers.

Application of Composite animal-shaped trash bin:

  • Animal-shaped trash bins are used to get garbages and keep the environment clean. In addition, the animal-shaped trash can also has a decorative effect when choosing a uniform
  • Currently, the product is used a lot in green parks. Places where children gather such as amusement parks, preschools – primary schools and many other areas

Outstanding features of the composite Animal-shaped trash bin:

  • The product has a fun and eye-catching design
  • Made of high quality plastic so it is very durable
  • Resistant to harsh weather, does not fade due to rain and sun
  • There is a frame to line the garbage bag inside
  • The Garbage enter from the mouth section and is removed by the rear opening. The back door is designed with a safe and secure latch
  • Companies, businesses, and families can all use composite animal-shaped trash bin to attract attention and increase children’s awareness of putting trash in the right place

We design and manufacture composite trash cans with any animal shape. Give us a call for better advice !

For more details of each type, you can directly contact CCMC – THACO for more advice.
Call now 093 888 7931 for the best price.

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