Origin: CCMC
Unit: m2


  • Thickness: 1.5 – 10 mm
  • Colors:  Clear white, Clear blue…
  • Two smooth sides
  • Shape: flat or square wave


  • Flat plate: 1.2×10 m
  • Square wave: 1.07x(2/2.4/3)m


Composite Corrugated Roofing Sheet made from PolyEste plastic material combined with Composite fiberglass to create a durable structure with high bearing capacity. With transparent characteristics, Fiberglass Composite Corrugated Sheet are one of the most economical and optimal natural light solutions for all projects.

In Vietnam, Composite Corrugated Roofing Sheets are very popularly used in many projects from residential to industrial, because the characteristics of this material are quite suitable for the weather conditions in Vietnam. Currently, on the market, there are many types of plastic corrugated sheet with many different sizes and designs to suit the actual requirements of the projects. However, what really makes this material so widely used is that the product is durable and relatively inexpensive, the cheapest of all materials with the same use.

Feature about Composite Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Each type of roofing sheet has its own unique features with different advantages and disadvantages, and Composite Panel Sheet also has its own unique features. The following are the salient features of this material.

  • Light weight: Composite Corrugated Roofing Sheet has the lightest weight in roofing materials that are used for building light. Thanks to this feature, it is easy and time-saving in the process of transportation and construction, especially for works with a height of 4-5 floors. This is one of the outstanding advantages of this product line compared to other lighting materials
  • Good light: This is the main feature of this material, it is mainly composed of transparent composite glass fiber, so the composite light sheet has the ability to transmit light up to 85% of natural light, especially the material. This also has 15% light opacity which works to block out direct sunlight. This will prevent UV rays from affecting people and objects inside
  • Anti-oxidation and abrasion: The advantage of this material is that it is made from compounds that do not react with acids or alkalis in the environment, so it is completely unaffected by these factors. Because of this, composite light corrugated iron is used quite commonly in coastal constructions. This also makes the life of this material superior to others
  • Good strength: With components from glass fiber and synthetic resin fibers combined in a particularly tough structure, the composite light corrugated iron has quite high bearing capacity. This material can resist high mechanical forces, as well as natural influences such as wind and storm, ensuring the sustainability of the building in all conditions
  • Good sound insulation: Composite light panels are also quite good at soundproofing, this minimizes noise from outside activities, bringing a quiet space to the interior space, especially buildings. The office needs a lot of concentration
  • Good insulation: This is the most outstanding feature of this material, as we mentioned in the introduction, composite light corrugated iron is also synthesized from heat-stable fibers, so it is stable. Very good temperature regulation at -30 – 120 degrees Celsius. This helps protect human health or other items stored inside by the effects of outside temperatures
  • Complete insulation: Due to the main component of fiberglass and synthetic fibers, this material is completely insulating and absolutely safe

In case you want to order with the size and color according to your needs, please contact CCMC – THACO directly for advice on ordering.

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