Origin: CCMC


  • Shape: vertical/recumbent cylindrical tub
  • Thickness: 5 – 10 mm
  • Smooth exterior
  • Chemical requirements: domestic water storage, chemical storage, wastewater treatment, septic tanks, etc
  • Size: on request
  • White or painted on request


With outstanding advantages such as lightness, corrosion resistance, ease of construction and installation, bearing capacity, good heat resistance, lower cost than tanks using pure stainless steel materials, so Composite Tanks is the best choice.

Nowadays, FRP composite material (glass fiber reinforced plastic) is widely used to manufacture composite tank products in the petrochemical industry, food industry, manufacturing industry… because of its outstanding features. Its advantages over other materials are especially chemical resistance and environmental sustainability.

6 best features of Composite tanks or so-called FRP tanks:

  • Corrosion resistance: This is the most outstanding feature, Composite tanks (FRP) can be used to contain chemicals, organic solvents, salt water, wastewater… Especially concentrated acids without worrying about corrosion problems
  • Heat Resistant & Insulation: FRP tanks have a wide temperature range because the Composite (FRP) material can work well in low to high temperature environments. At the same time, it is well insulated with the environment, helping to ensure that the temperature inside the tub is maintained for a longer time
  • Light & Durable & Good Bearing: Compared with some materials such as steel, stainless steel, wood, etc., the composite tank (FRP) is much lighter in weight but still ensures good durability and withstands high pressure
  • Inertness & Flame Retardancy: In the composition of FRP material, there are flame retardant and anti-oxidation components. Therefore, FRP composite tanks can meet the requirements of not burning and changing substances
  • Installation & Transportation: Because Composite (FRP) tanks are lightweight, durable and can be designed according to requirements, transportation, installation and use are more convenient than those made of other materials
  • Cost: FRP tanks have a lower cost than pure stainless steel tanks, the durability is on par with stainless steel, so it saves significant costs for businesses

Application of composite tank:

  1. Contains clean water
  2. Contains solvents, acids, chemical tanks
  3. Contain waste water, garbage, exhaust gas
  4. In the plating, cleaning and powder coating industry
  5. Neutralization tank in sauce production line
  6. Making tanks for aquaculture, seafood…

For more details of each type, you can directly contact CCMC – THACO for more advice.
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