Origin: CCMC


  • Size: 700 x 1050mm | 470 x 950mm | as requirement
  • Colors: Green, Blue/ as requirement
  • Materials: fiber reinforced composite
  • Structure: The barrel has 2 solid rubber D200 wheels, galvanized solid steel shaft


Placement: Composite plastic trash cans are placed in centralized garbage collection places of apartment buildings, industrial parks, factories, schools, hospitals, factories, densely populated areas, parks, amusement parks. entertainment, tourist areas,…

Outstanding features of composite industrial trash bin:

Trash bins are making of the best fiber reinforced composite available now, resistant to chemical corrosion, fire resistant, resistant to all weather conditions and environmentally friendly.

It has a tight lid and a convenient handle on the outside. The tight lid is sealed to prevent odors from escaping to ensure the cleanliness of the garbage storage area.

The designed with a handle on the lid of the trash bin, it is easy to move without slipping.

The rim of the trash bin is made of 2 layers to prevent impact when lifting and lowering the trash bin.

The Composite trash bin’s wheels are made of solid rubber that is anti-slip, does not make noise, withstands large loads and is easy to move.

The body of the wheel hub is galvanized so it will not rust or corrode.

With a design with a large lock to hold the lid to the body of the trash bin.

Fully coated on both sides with anti-adhesive UV protection for easy cleaning.

Withstands external factors such as sun, rain, etc., suitable for all conditions and climates of Vietnam.

Our company provides models of Composite trash bins with 240L, 120L, 90L, … suitable for all requirements of customers.

For more details of each type, you can directly contact CCMC – THACO for more advice.
Call now 093 888 7931 for the best price.

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