Origin: CCMC

Various sizes to suit many design requirements.
– Material: Composite
– Color: According to customer requirements


Currently, Children’s play needs are increasing to support children’s development both mentally and physically. Besides, the quality of entertainment services is also improved day by day with versatile, durable, beautiful and eye-catching toys that attract children. To meet that need, we have designed a slide product with durable fiberglass composite material, especially extremely safe for children. Design suitable for amusement parks, resorts, resorts, preschools, parks, swimming pools…

Composite park slide in kindergartens or amusement parks always create joy and excitement for children so that they can easily participate in physical activities by creating a beautiful little playground right in the kindergarten… A beautiful composite slide right in the yard will bring children the most fun and comfortable moments, help them develop body coordination, become more agile and dynamic. Being active and playing outdoors will help your baby consume less energy in his body so he can eat better and sleep more deeply every day. Not only that, playing outdoors will minimize the time children spend sitting in front of TV and computer screens, reducing the risk of myopia in young children. With an indoor slide, it will give your baby a daily exercise routine, improve health and reduce the possibility of obesity in children, helping to develop the baby’s height.

Composite park slide is covered with a layer of glossy paint with colors such as green, red, yellow,…

The advantage is heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, moderate volume, ensuring sure when the children join in the fun.

In addition, CCMC – a member company of THACO groupwith many years of experience in the field of manufacturing composite components for the automotive industry, with a team of highly trained engineers, and machinery and equipment lines. Modern equipment will meet all design requirements from slide products in kindergarten, to swimming pool slides, and slides in amusement parks, water parks…

For more details of each type, you can directly contact CCMC – THACO for more advice.
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