Origin: CCMC
Unit: Item
  • Thickness of waterproof coating: 1.6 – 8 mm
  • Transparent color or painted as required


Composite materials (FRP) with water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, high durability, etc. Therefore, when using composite materials as a waterproof coating, the maximum effect is achieved.

Why should Choose Composite materials?

Composite, also known as composite material, is a composite material from two or more different materials, converging superior properties to improve its performance and durability. Because of that property, composite coating can directly resist the corrosion of weather, nature, chemicals and perfect waterproof.

 Some advantages of using composite waterproofing:

  • Composite materials are safe, non-conductive, low-cost materials, so consumers can feel secure when using them
  • Composite materials are very light, convenient for transportation and construction at construction sites, places with difficult terrain to move
  • The construction process is quick, easy to repair, does not take too much time and can be used immediately without waiting time
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion including extremely strong chemicals, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, vibration-resistant, impact-resistant, etc. Brings high efficiency in long-term use
  • The cost is much lower (only about 1/6) compared to other materials such as iron, steel, copper… Therefore, users will save a large amount of money if composite waterproofing
  • The durability of the composite is high because of its superior properties such as anti-UV, anti-oxidation, resistance to the adverse effects of the weather environment and even high acid corrosion…
  • Using FRP composite coating helps the building to have high aesthetics. Composite is easy to cut and bend and create many different styles, with many colors to choose from…
  • Safe for the health of users
  • Bonds well to all materials
  • Helps to increase the life of the coated material by 10-20 years
  • Does not pollute the environment, does not contain harmful chemicals
  • High adaptability under any terrain of the building such as cracks, nooks and crannies
  • Meet all product surface properties such as plastic, steel, concrete…

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