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Various sizes to suit many design requirements.

– Material: Composite

–Colors: depend on customer requirement


Composite materials, also known as compozit have been used since 5000 BC. Composite pots are plant pots, overcoming most of the disadvantages of traditional pots. When the old-fashioned potted plants made of ceramic, porcelain, etc., are no suitable for modern designs, the introduction of Composite pots becomes a worthy replacement with a very long life, easy to clean so it’s always shiny like new.

Composite pots have many advantages that are very convenient to use such as lightweight, durable, beautiful designs, diverse sizes, luxurious, elegant and modern; Suitable for interior and exterior decoration of villas, resorts, parks, showrooms, offices, restaurants, bars, private houses…

Now, Composite pots are gradually replacing other conventional pots.

Composite pots’s oustanding advantages:

Composite pots are designed from a mixture of plastic and Fiberglass, with many strengths such as: light, durable, strong, stainless, elegant, classy and luxurious, good chemical resistance and weather resistance… very suitable for the needs of potted plants for interior decoration – exterior design.

with the traditional pot materials has weaknesses or sometimes cannot be overcome such as: heavy (brick, concrete, iron and steel), fragile (crockery, porcelain), termites exploiting a lot will affect environmental impact on green ecology, rust and high maintenance costs (iron and steel), etc. These weaknesses make production deployment, transportation difficult, high maintenance costs, so the appearance of Composite material is like a revolution, affecting many different industries, including the production of plant pots.

The utility of Composite pots in decoration:

Composite pots have many different sizes and designs, so you can easily choose the right pot for decoration. From the gap of office, shop or private home space, there are all kinds of impressively suitable pots, or railings, study rooms, living rooms, etc. from the narrowest to the widest spaces. Moreover, you can grow your favorite flowers with this Composite pots. Good quality, affirming will always satisfy any unpleasant guests.

In conclusion, the Composite pot is a high-class and premium planter, suitable for growing decorative plants both interior and exterior.

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