Origin: Glove Factory


M-1 M-2 M-3 M-4
210 220 230 240
70 80 80 85
90 95 95 95



  • Protect hands for safety, PU plastic coating acts as a barrier to help insulate heat, toxic substances, dirt … in contact with the skin
  • To help antistatic
  • Often used in clean rooms, to ensure the safety of workers, and create a sense of comfort when using
  • Polyester material is light, airy, hugging hands


  • Repairing industrial and civil machines, equipment
  • Assembling and manufacturing all kinds of items and machines in garages and workshops
  • Working in greasy, chemical environments requires firm grip
  • The work requires good adhesion at the fingertips, the PU coating will increase the protection and adhesion on the fingertips and palms


Material Poly & PU
Colors Grey, white
Packing 10-12 pairs per plastic bag, 100 or 144 pairs per carton, etc, or can be customized
Case 40x30x25 cm or can be customized
Weight 25-30 gram
CO Việt Nam
Machine 13G


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