Package: 1000 lít | 200 lít | 5 lít | 1 lít

Origin: CASF

Pre-mixed Engine Coolant is an ethylene glycol-based cooling water and corrosion inhibitors (not contains amine, silicate, borate or nitrite), bring long-lasting effect on a variety of cooling systems.


LLC2001 is manufactured according to MS591-08 technical standard of Hyundai & KIA Motors and widely used on Hyundai and KIA vehicles.


Appearance Liquid, green, no sediment, no layering
Boiling point, [oC] Min. 150
Freezing point, 50% vol [oC] Max. -34
PH, 50% vol 7.0 ~ 9.0
Metal corrosion in glass cup

(weight changing of metal mg/specimen)

Brass ± 0.15
Copper ± 0.15
Solder ± 0.30
Steel ± 0.15
Cast Iron ± 0.30
Aliminium ± 0.15

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